' No more Hiroshima No more Nagasaki '
CANADA OMNI TV document special
Producer/Director : Yuki Nakamura
Producer : Timothy Richards
all music composed / performed and recorded : Hiroshi Urushido
and concert in Canada
"The National Film Board Colin Low Award for Best Canadian Documentary" !
Jimmy and the Vivids debut mini album '
Boogie-Woogie Train ' composer /arranger / programming
Lion Sleeps Tonight' composer /arranger / programming
December   谷本賢一郎 Taniken from The News Paper single
' 赤とんぼ ' Japanese traditional song
arranger and piano playing
August 6th. カズン cousin's single ' 僕が君から借りたもの '(boku ga kimi kara karita mono)
中国電力CMソング(CM song for Chugoku Denryoku)
songwriter / arranger / playing instruments / recording and singing
January 11 th. カズン Cousin's album ' Ten '
producer / songwriter / arranger / playing instruments / chorus / recording and singing